Montreal: Mamie Clafoutis Bakery Review

After some searching for Montreal bakeries, I decided to pay this one a visit after reading a few positive reviews. It's out in Outremont so I was hoping it was worth the drive to get there.

Popular Bakery

We went inside and looked around...A minute or two later the place was full of people (although the floor space is quite limited, as you can see in the pictures). Just getting a clear shot of the baked goods was a challenge at times.

While standing in line and deciding what to order, a lady randomly said to us that the place was addicting, "Once you start coming here you have to keep coming back".

Interesting Eating Area

We tried a few different baked goods, and ate them upstairs where they have a small seating area that looks like a living room with some random furniture. They have free wi-fi and the place seems to be popular with anyone who wants to just sit and relax, talk, or do some work on their laptops.

Tasty Baked Goods

As strange as it sounds, I'm not really a fan of bread. But, after trying a few different things (I really didn't really know what half the things I ate were called) I generally came away quite impressed. They also have some sandwiches you can eat for lunch if you are in the mood for that. As far as pasties go it's about $2-3 each. Cakes are more expensive, but I didn't get a chance to try them.

Pretty much everything I had was fresh and tasty. The place always had some people waiting in the lobby waiting to order something at all times, which probably means that it's a place that has a following. I give it a thumbs up too.

Mamie Clafoutis Photos



View from stairs

Baked goods

Tarts and cakes


Up the stairs

Seating area....See the panorama photo for a better look...

Now adding panorama photos when I can, click to enlarge

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