Montreal: P.F. Chang's Restaurant Review

P.F. Chang's second restaurant appearance in Canada has finally arrived here in Montreal. I've personally never really heard of this American Chinese restaurant chain before, until it showed up in town. It seems to have some good word of mouth going for it, so I was hoping for the best during a recent lunch trip.

The horse statue outside P.F. Chang's is a nice touch

Nice Restaurant and Great Service

We got in just before noon, and the place was already beginning to fill up. Seems like people are flocking to the place already. The restaurant is nicely decorated, the atmosphere seems very cool and it just feels like a great place to eat. The terrace should open soon for the start of summer. The service was pretty good. The staff seems to be ready to go, even though they only officially opened their doors just three days ago.

Good Chinese Food, With a Twist

Food-wise I was looking for something a little different and that's exactly what we got. I wasn't looking for another place with the typical "General Tao" that seems so popular here in Montreal. So I asked our waiter who made some recommendations which I went for: Won ton made of crab meat and cream cheese, chicken lettuce wraps and a spicy shrimp noodle plate (our own pick). All were quite tasty in their own way which was great. The five spice ribs was also on our hit list, but apparently they ran out of them already from the previous days that they were open. Oh well.

A Solid Chinese Restaurant Choice

In the end, it's a solid addition for the Cotes-des-Neiges area restaurant scene. Yes, it is Americanized Chinese food. But, even if I don't plan to go here often, I'm glad P.F. Chang's is here, it's something different for Montreal foodies and it looks like they will be here to stay for a long time.

P.F. Chang's Restaurant Photos

Walking to P.F. Chang's

Ceiling once you get in the doors

Second floor seating area

Panoramic view from the second floor

Another interior shot

The sauce ingredients that the waiter will make for you

Won Ton with crab and cream cheese, which was actually quite interesting, different and good

Lettuce is not pictured, but they go great with the chicken and crispy noodles

Lots of shrimp on top of noodles, quite spicy for a lightweight like me

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  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2013

    Terrible food very over priced. Better food in the mall. A ripp off

  2. Seems like half the people I know like PF Chang's, while the other half do not. I think it really depends on what you order, but some people must like it as it still seems busy during lunch hours.

  3. If anyone wants a Chinese recommendation, the Kan Bai restaurant on St. Catherine is the one I go to these days.

    P.F. Chang's gets old really quick I must say...Kan Bai is the way to go, if you ask me.

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