Zojirushi CD-WBC30 Water Boiler and Warmer Review

Never owned a water boiler/warmer before and picked up the Zojirushi CD-WBC30 Micom Water Boiler and Warmer model as it was reasonably priced. I'm still surprised to see that something that seems as simple as this can easily go up and beyond $200. But that's life I guess. It's a product that's geared towards heavy tea or hot chocolate drinkers. It's clearly a luxury/convenience product, one that you want to last for a long time.

Zojirushi CD-WBC30 Water Boiler Photo

I've found it to be pretty handy if you need any of the following:
  • Instant hot water for soup
  • Instant noodles
  • Hot chocolate
  • Instant coffee
  • Oatmeal
  • Tea (which I imagine is what most people will use this water boiler for)

It's a Zojirushi Water Boiler, And It Works

The unit has an LCD display that shows the temperature (4 thermostat settings) 208, 195, 175 and 140 degrees. A timer can also be used to heat the water (start heating water in X hours). Whenever you want hot water you simply place a cup under the outlet and then press the 'Dispense' button. Hot water is pumped out in a slow and controlled stream (helps to avoid spilling any hot water).

Physically the unit is not heavy. The interior has a Teflon-like coating that makes it easier to clean. Mineral build-up comes off if you follow the cleaning directions. So far a pretty good and reliable unit. It does what it is supposed to do, which is to boil and keep water hot. As usual if any problems, I will note them here.

Water Boiler Cleaning Ideas

Cleaning tip: Cut up a lemon, fill the machine with water, let it boil with the lemon for about an hour. It's a natural way to remove any mineral deposit build up.

Cleaning tip #2: Vinegar works very well as well. I've used roughly a 50% vinegar/water solution, let it all boil and the mineral build up just seems to disappear. Very easy way to remove it all.

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  1. Where's the review? I'm interested in buying this but your 'review' isn't helpful at all. Please fix.

  2. One thing I forgot to mention (which is useful) is that the power plug disconnects easily from the unit.

    That way it is easy to bring it to the faucet and fill it up with water without worrying about dragging power cords around the house. Nice feature.

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