Playstation 4 (PS4) Unboxed with Photos

I've never owned a Playstation console, and have been an Xbox player for the last two console generations. Today, I got my hands on the PS4 for a little while, and for the first time ever unboxed a Playstation console system. Keep reading if you want to see more...

Playstation 4 Box

The box was pretty lightweight as is the PS4 itself. Didn't take much to unbox...Open the box and pretty much everything is laid out in front of you. Not too many annoying plastic bags either.

Playstation 4 Unboxing Photos

What I saw after opening the box...I didn't realize it was upside down until later...

Here's everything in the package.

After I realized it was upside-down, I took a photo of it right side up.

And the top view too. It had a lot of fingerprints on it already, too many I think to be my own.

Here's a picture of the PS4 powered. The blue is just a reflection of the TV screen.

And one of the controller.

PS4 Unboxing Experience

It's not as fancy as opening an Apple product, or even the budget Chromecast, but a box is a box at the end of the day. Console is pretty good looking and feels much lighter and smaller than my white classic Xbox 360. No huge power brick either. The controller felt pretty good. I hated the PS3 controllers, my thumbs would always slip off the joypads, but the PS4 controller joypads have much more grip. Aside from surfing the web for a bit (which seemed acceptable, Youtube works fine), that's pretty much my PS4 unboxing experience.

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