Samsung Over-The-Range Microwave (SMH1816S) Review

After some looking around, I ended up gambling big time (if you believe the online reviews out there) on this Samsung Over-The-Range Microwave (SMH1816S). There's really not many (actually, pretty much no other alternatives) in a similar price range if shopping around Montreal. The lack of any other decent options is why I ended up with this unit.

Horrible Online Reviews

If you believe the reviews online Samsung apparently has delivered a sub-par product that people (myself included) will buy simply because there's no viable alternative. That's what happens when there is almost no competition in a certain price range. The reviews for this product are generally horrendous. It seems that it is designed breakdown after a year, maybe two years if you are lucky. You might go for another brand like Panasonic, but their microwaves are often double the price of this Samsung option. I decided to roll the dice and gamble on this, and hope it doesn't break down too soon.

Installation is a Chore

Installation is pretty much like this video shows. Not the easiest thing to do, but it is possible for a do-it-yourself project, provided you have the proper tools and manpower (it's also a two person job). I ended up hiring some guys, since I knew that I couldn't do it on my own, and did not even have the proper tools.

Reliable Microwave or Not?

The microwave is pretty good looking, it heats food fairly quickly, and the exhaust fan is just powerful enough on its highest setting. The price was also a selling point as the competition does not seem to even approach the price range of this Samsung SMH1816S microwave.

The big question is whether it will break down after a year or two...Personally, I do expect it to break in that time frame. It's quite rare for reviews to be this universally bad for a product. But, right now after a couple of months of usage; it is working as it should. I will let you all know when this Samsung Over-The-Range Microwave breaks down (chances are it will happen shortly after the warranty expires). Stay tuned.

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