Montreal: Holder Restaurant Review

If you are looking for a French bistro style restaurant in Old Montreal, Holder fits the bill. It's is casual trendy restaurant where the food is good enough, and not terribly overpriced compared to many other places like this in Montreal. Street parking was pretty easy to get on an early Saturday evening at 5:30pm. That's always a plus (assuming you are willing to get there for an early dinner).

Photo of Holder Tilapia Dish

Good Enough

Holder takes reservations, and they only open at 5:30pm on Saturdays (they have lunch hours too if you are interested). When we got there we were one of the first people to arrive. It did start to fill up fairly quick, and was pretty full by the time we left.

As for the food, I wasn't blown away by the duck confit or pan fried tilapia, but it was good enough for everyone to finish their plates. Dessert was good too. The atmosphere is pretty cool, service was fine and the relatively easy street parking (could have been just a lucky day) just all added up to a positive experience. I'd give it another try next time.

Holder Restaurant Photos

Holder signage

Bar area

Bistro style look and feel

Duck confit, on salad and potatoes

Chocolate mousse and a scoop of ice cream


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