What It's Like to Have an iPhone for the First Time

I've read a lot of articles over the years about the iPhone and the crazy sales figures that made Apple into the world's most valuable company and brand. They have loyal and dedicated customers, but I was never one of them. While the battle raged on between Apple's iOS smartphones and Google's Android smartphone, I've been on the sidelines as "dumbphone" user. It's only just a couple of years ago that I started using smartphones (Android).

My first iPhone

Google Apps, Baby

I've been using an Android phone in some form for a couple of years, and I've saw the big strides in progress made from Android 2.3 to 4.3. Naturally, one of the first things I did when I got the iPhone 5S, was install all those trusty Google Apps: Chrome, Chromecast, Google Maps and Youtube.


So now that I've got my hands on my first iPhone 5S, what do I think? It's pretty much the same as my old Android phone. The experience is similar, however the biggest adjustment is getting used to the lack of a Back and Menu button. Aside from that a couple of things that I miss:
  • Lock screen swipe
  • Predictive keyboard
  • Larger screen for web surfing (iPhone 5S screen is not that small, just not as big as other Android phones)

What I did like about the iPhone 5S:
  • Responsive feeling interface (though it could be due to a brand new device, with lots of free memory)
  • Device feels solid in your hand
  • Fingerprint solution is neat, but it means that you can't let anyone else use your phone without you being around...It's still cool.
  • Lack of Back and Menu button, I just realized that I sometimes hit those buttons with my palm by accident when holding an Android phone...That doesn't happen on the iPhone

In the end it's a good phone. I don't feel like there's much difference between between high-end Android smartphones and iPhones. I'm happy with it, and you'll probably be happy with it too.

iPhone 5S Gold Photo

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