Montreal: Bouillon Bilk Restaurant Review

With no apparent sign sticking out on the street, it's an easy restaurant to miss on the busy St. Laurent street. Bouillon Bilk falls under the "New Canadian" restaurant category, but I don't really care what it's called as long as it's good.

We got in and had seats at the back corner of the restaurant. They had to play with the air conditioning throughout the night since for some people the place was too hot and too cold for others (low ceiling vents meant that the A/C draft made it cold for people sitting near them like us). We were seated in the corner near a vent, but instead of being cold, it was quite warm since they hardly (never?) even turned on the A/C very often that evening.

It's not a French restaurant, but for some reason I thought it was...Maybe it was the name of the restaurant that threw me off. In any case, the food was pretty much what I expected. Small bite size portions of food, but tasty and nicely presented. If you have a large appetite, you'd probably end up still feeling hungry after you walk out.

Bouillon Bilk Food Photos

Sign which is right next to the doors.

Some kind of fish, I already forgot what kind of fish it was...Oh wait it was Halibut. It didn't last long.

Lobster as an appetizer, gone in a couple of bites.

Octopus main was cooked perfectly. Wish there was more.

Scallops also looked good.

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