Montreal: Kiko Mufflers Review (Car Muffler Repair Garage)

My muffler broke off while driving so I pulled into my regular garage at DT Auto. The guys there were good enough to actually refer me to a different garage called Kiko Mufflers, who it turns out specializes in repairing and installing car mufflers. So I gave them a call, and I was told that no appointment was needed, just drive in and cross your fingers that there isn't a huge lineup of people waiting.

My Broken Car Muffler

I decided to drive across town to get there and hoped for the best. I was hoping the place would be easy to find, and it was...Hard to miss that sign outside and flags mounted on it.

Large Kiko Mufflers sign

Kiko Muffler Experience

Most of the car garages I've been to are spartan in looks and feel. Walking into the garage was a bit different...It was colorful with flags hanging and some Latin music playing in the background. I talked to the owner's son who was in charge of the operation that day. You get the sense that they are organized and good at what they do. They put the car on a lift, made a quick check of the muffler and exhaust system and then proceeded to make the appropriate fixes (I got the muffler replaced) quickly. I was in and out of the garage in about an hour, which was great (had to wait for one car ahead of me to be finished). The muffler came with a one year warranty and their prices are very competitive as well, you'd definitely save money going to Kiko Mufflers over a dealership garage (I know this first hand, since I've had the experience of having a muffler repaired at a dealership garage a couple of years ago). So in the end, my experience was very good, and as long as the muffler holds up I can recommend them.

Kiko Muffler Photos

And to finish things off, here are a couple of photos to show everyone what I'm talking about.

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