Xbox One Gears of War Bundle Unboxing

I did a PS4 unboxing a couple of years ago, and now I'm back to unbox the Xbox One Gears of War Bundle.

It's essentially a regular Xbox One console, which may or may not have a Gears of War slipcover over the box. They also manually inserted a Gears of War Ultimate scratch card so that you can download the game online.

It's pretty straightforward to get the console up and running, just downloading the software update takes time, so in total probably about 15 minutes before you can actually get to use it. It's old news by now, but the huge power brick is still annoyingly around for the Xbox One. I'm not sure why the Xbox One is so much physically larger than the PS4 and arguably slightly less powerful...It's strange to me.

Standard Xbox One box, minus the Gears of War slipcover

Gear of War Xbox One Bundle Photos

Console and box with the cables and controller (with the 3.5 mm headphone jack)

Closer look at the accessories

Console close-up

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