Logitech G710+Brown Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

I've never owned a mechanical gaming keyboard before, but I did have some good experience with my other still-being-used wireless Logitech LX710 keyboard so decided to give this a try; and here are my impressions...

The weight of the keyboard surprised me a bit. I guess you never know how it feels until you've had one in your hands. It also takes up TWO USBs ports; I wasn't expecting that at all, but luckily I do have a couple of USB ports right next to each other on my trusty Asus S56CM laptop. Plugging in the USB lights up the keys nicely...Also a first for me, as I've never had a backlit keyboard before. BTW the keyboard itself has a USB port as a convenience feature, so you aren't really losing a USB slot after all.

As I type this blog post, the key presses seem to feel slightly more responsive/faster than my laptop or a standard keyboard, but it doesn't feel light years ahead either, to be honest. The backlight is probably one of the coolest features, and you can dim it to a handful of different brightness levels (including a separate setting for the WASD and arrow keys). A rolling volume control directly on the keyboard is a nice touch too. So far I like it, seems solid and the 3-year warranty shows that Logitech stands behind their product.

Logitech G710+Brown Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Photos

Not sure what makes the Logitech G710+Brown, "Brown"...

Opening the box for the first time..

Keyboard still wrapped in plastic...

Logitech G710+Brown unboxed and unwrapped!

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  1. One of the arrow keys broke off recently, but Logitech sent a replacement key for me so it's all good again.

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