IKEA Fail: Nockeby Loveseat Review

Everyone knows what IKEA brings to the table: inexpensive ready-to-assemble furniture that is known for its modernist designs of appliances and furniture. But what happens if you buy a bigger ticket item like an IKEA sofa? Something from IKEA that when compared to other sofas on the market, cannot be considered inexpensive.

IKEA Nockeby Loveseat Experience

Well now I can share my experience with the IKEA Nockeby Loveseat, and unfortunately, I have to report that it's disappointing. After just 3.5 years, a handful of the plastic "hooks" which hold the supports in place have broken off; this means that about one third of the sofa no longer has no support underneath it. Plastic supports should have been. I've contact IKEA Customer Service only to hear that their widely advertised 10-year warranty doesn't even cover this defect. Looking for a second opinion, one customer service agent simply told me that I needed to buy a new sofa. Cannot say the I recommend IKEA sofas after this experience.

Update: IKEA Customer Service (interestingly you must reach them online, going in person is not necessarily better) reached out and did offer to exchange the sofa! Good on them for doing the right thing!

IKEA Nockeby sofa support broken...10-year warranty not applicable

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