Toronto: Guu Izakaya Restaurant Review

While I was staying in a hotel in downtown Toronto on a business trip, I decided to check out Guu Izakaya which was a short drive away. The reviews I read were pretty good, so I hoped for the best.

It's a little hidden and can easily be missed, since it is located away from the street and relatively deep inside a parking lot. After finding the front door and walking in, I was surprised to see the place so full on a Wednesday night. It somewhat reminded me of Kazu but much larger, with the crowd noticeably louder and younger (similar to Imadake in that respect).

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The "waiting room" was unexpected, as they ask you to wait outside in a heated 10 x 10 tent for about 20 minutes if you do not have reservations. There were about 10 other people waiting inside the small tent which made things a little tight. It was kind of funny, with strangers virtually in your face just waiting with stomachs just as hungry as yours.

Bacon wrapped scallop and mushrooms, only two pieces have scallop (and two pieces have mushrooms) which I thought was a bit disappointing. But it was still pretty decent.

Black cod was very tasty as I expected. I've eaten this at Kazu and Imadake and it's always a winner in my book so far.

BBQ Eel with some sort of sticky rice, which was also great.

Guu Izakaya 360 Interior

Solid choice in Downtown Toronto

There aren't many options in the downtown Toronto area as far as I know, but in the end it's a great choice for a casual meal. The waiting outside in a tent during winter is kind of annoying, but the long wait in the end it something many people are willing to put up with. I'd definitely go back.

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